2 Visible becks

Vision 2. ‘We want visible becks.’

Our vision is of Bradford Beck and its tributaries being visibly part of Bradford, raising awareness, enabling contact and helping to develop a bluer, greener city.


From Cemetery Road downstream, the Bradford Beck is culverted and underground, hidden behind walls, or deep in an artificial canyon; Eastbrook, Westbrook, Bowling Beck and Trap Sike are even more hidden.

Rivers that are lost are just drains that cannot be enjoyed or be assets to the city. They have no ecological value, have higher flood risks, and disconnect people from their environment and the consequence of their actions. Pollution sources are much harder to find.


  • Identify the opportunities to daylight the becks by opening up culverts and canyons
  • Act to daylight the becks wherever possible
  • Encourage new developments and major redevelopments in the riparian area to be sensitive to views of the becks
  • Improve visibility with new footpaths and cycleways
  • Mark the courses of the culverted becks with paving, art, panels and glass roofs
  • Raise awareness of the becks and become a ‘water-wise city’
  • Encourage waterside venues

Where are the culverts?   They’re here!

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