5 Cared-for becks

Vision 5. ‘We want cared for becks.’

Our vision is of a network of becks which are cared for and understood by all for present and future generations.



The Beck and its tributaries are a prime feature and asset of Bradford and their regeneration would uplift the city. The city’s aspiration to have “clean, green and safe neighbourhoods” will only be achieved by including care for the becks and their catchments.

As time goes by, the care and conservation of fresh water resources will become a greater and greater feature of everyday life; starting now will make this easier in the future.


  • Involve communities in the design and care of their waterways
  • Encourage Friends groups to take responsibility for care on policing of their local waterways
  • Share data and information about the becks freely and intelligibly between organisations and communities
  • Make the watercourses visible and accessible, and engage communities in their care
  • Encourage and support urban and rural riparian owners to be beck stewards through a water-wise charter
  • Seek funds to care for the becks
  • Encourage the Council to deliver “institutional place leadership”
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