4 Thriving becks

Vision 4. ‘We want thriving becks.’

Our vision is of clean vibrant river corridors where wildlife thrives and which provides a safe, positive and happy space for people to live, work and play within a rich ecosystem.


Thriving ecosystems have their own biodiversity value. They also provide many services to people and cities: regulating climate, flooding and carbon flows; providing energy and recreation; purifying water and recycling nutrients. A high quality ecosystem helps with place-making and encourages high quality economic and residential development in its locality.


  • Have cleaner becks (improve water quality, prevent pollution incidents, stop littering)
  • Renaturalise the becks and their flood plains wherever possible
  • Ensure the beck corridors are not ecologically fragmented
  • Control significant invasive plants and animals
  • Have more focused management of plants in the corridors
  • Create cooperative management between the many agencies, owners and interested groups
  • Enhance the quality of monitoring and reporting of the becks’ condition
  • Include the thriving themes in signage and interpretation material
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