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Beck system Map

The features shown have been derived from many sources and of various dates, including Ordnance Survey mapping, surveys produced for the Council by Bullen and Partners (1990), internally (1950), and ‘as built’ engineering drawings of the Beck flood alleviation scheme (1988).

Consequently the accuracy will vary and the mapping should not be considered complete as it is likely that not all watercourses will have been mapped. For some stretches the alignment has not been proven and a ‘straight line’ assumption has been made.

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5 thoughts on “Beck system Map

  1. Hi – do you have a date for the next Litter Pick please?
    I’m keen to help if convenient.
    Thank you.
    Derek Pearson

    1. Hi Derek

      No we don’t have one set yet. However we normally do them in spring before the foiliage starts growing so the next one may not be until next year now.

  2. Hi there – I am the Community engagement manager at Dixons Allerton Academy. We are keen to get involved with the small beck area at the end of Rhodesway. We are hoping to undertake a biodiversity study of the area and if possible apply for funding for the area to be a ‘living geography classroom’. I work with Brenda from Fair weather green neighbourhood group. Is this something that you would be interested as we are keen to help?


    Claire Fitton

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