3 Accessible becks

Vision 3. “We want accessible becks”

Our vision is of becks accessible to everyone, linking and involving communities and creating a network of signed and recognisable paths.


The becks can become recognisable assets – safe yet stimulating and enjoyable places to visit and spend time, with appropriate and welcoming access. As part of a recognised and cohesive network of walking paths and cycleways linking places for leisure and commuting, they will enhance the social, economic and environmental fabric of Bradford.

Accessible becks will raise ecological consciousness and will enable citizens to monitor and report problems of flood blockages, pollution and litter.


  • Deculvert (‘daylight’) wherever possible
  • Mark the becks’ locations wherever they are underground or under buildings
  • Establish rights of way along the courses of the becks
  • Ensure that beckside paths are accessible to all users, particularly wheelchairs and buggies, and are safe and secure
  • Enable tours of underground sections (with appropriate safety precautions)
  • Make the beck corridors accessible to wildlife and ecologically connected
  • Design access for different purposes in appropriate places (e.g. leisure, commuting, nature trails, fishing)
  • Provide local signage, interpretation and information about local wildlife and history
  • Provide interpretation and information about the becks on the internet
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