Walks around Bradford’s Becks is now available!

Welcome to seven Walks around Bradford’s Becks.

Each walk is different in character and below, you can check out a summary of each walk. Click on the title to open a pdf of the particular walk guide.

You can buy a printed booklet of all the walks for £4 or download a (free) copy via this link.  Please note that there is an amendment to the Bradford-Shipley walk to avoid construction sites.  Download below.

The Plaques Trail

Length: 0.8km through Bradford’s city centre

Starting point: alongside the former Odeon Cinema in Thornton Road.
The plaques mark the route of Bradford Beck beneath your feet as you find carved plaques in the pavement which bear the direction of flow and two lines of a wonderfully evocative poem about the beck.

The Plaques Trail Walk Guide

Northcliffe Dike and Red Beck Walk

Length: 4km

Terrain: easy paths with some road walking where care is needed. One short climb.

Starting point: car park in Cliff Wood Avenue, off Bradford Road BD18 3DD

This walk gives views across the Aire Valley and takes you through old deciduous woodland where you can criss-cross the streams via small bridges.

Northcliffe Dike and Red Beck Walk Guide

Chellow Dene Beck and Reservoirs Walk

Length: 6.3km

Terrain: easy with two short climbs.

Starting point: entrance to Chellow Dene Wetlands at the bend of Ings Way BD8 OLU

Usually a tranquil wander through fields with an open aspect. This is a surprising oasis amidst a densely urbanised part of Bradford.

Chellow Dene Beck and Res Walk Guide

A Five Beck Circular Walk

Length: 9km

Terrain: an easy walk mainly on semi-urban footpaths, with three short ascents and some road walking.

Starting point: the small bridge over Pitty Beck in Leaventhorpe Lane BD8 OEG

Five Becks Walk Guide

Bradford to Shipley along Bradford Beck

Length: 6km

Terrain: a climb at the beginning and one in the middle, otherwise easy going.

Starting point: the beginning of Bolton Road by the flight of stone steps near the entrance to Bradford Cathedral BD1 4DA

Note: in 2018, the route is partly blocked by construction.  The amended guide explains how to avoid these and complete the walk.

Bradford to Shipley along B Beck Walk Guide

Bradford to Shipley amended

The Source of Pitty Beck

Length: 4.5km

Terrain: two short climbs, otherwise easy going

Starting point: by the footpath sign to Egypt in Long Lane, off Allerton Road BD15 8AH

This takes you round a little-known part of the beck system. Consider yourself an explorer!

Bradford Beck walks PITTY_BECK

Pinch Beck, High Birks Beck and Hole Bottom Beck

Length: 6km

Terrain: quite strenuous in places, with three steep climbs. Some road walking.

Starting point: path to Great Northern Trail next to Thornton Primary School, Thornton Road BD13 3NN

Industrial heritage disappears into leafy countryside. As you walk through this green and pleasant land, keep your eyes open for former mills, chimneys now nearly hidden and once busy railways.

 Bradford Beck walks PINCH BECK

A special free extra: How to keep our rivers clean.

Bradford Beck walks CLEAN

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