Cancelled due to bad weather


SUNDAY 6 APRIL (weather permitting)

2 to 3pm


Bring a picnic

LiveMusic, Storyteller

The location is a short walk downhill from the main road in Thornton at postcode BD13 3EG, opposite Coach Lane. There is a clear signpost stating Bronte Way Footpath, go past Thornton Hall and through the kissing-gate, then down to the wall. Our picnic-site is this side of the wall. Thanks to the owner for permission

Parking is not permitted in the area by the Hall, so don’t turn into the area marked Bronte Way. You can park on the main road and elsewhere nearby (shaded lilac on the map).

If the weather is bad, the event will not take place. If in doubt phone Eddie on 07891 254809

Further enquiries to


Look out for our banner next to the Bronte Way signpost.
Look out for our banner next to the Bronte Way signpost.

Getting there by Public Transport 

Sunbridge Rd, Stop S8 (45023145) route FirstBus no 607 at 13:33
arrives Thornton, Thornton Rd Coach Lane, opp (45021022) 13:50
(other is 697 Keighley and District 12:52 arrives 13:04) both are an hourly service on a sunday, bus stop is in the picture at far end of field wall on the left. 4 stops after the mini-roundabouts, 2nd stop after Spring Head Lane (off to right hand side)

Google street view imagery is out of date (the Bronte Way sign was not there, scrubby trees once in field in picture have gone, wall has been repaired.
If you see St James Church (on right) you have just gone past the stop you wanted.