The next meeting of the group will be held on Monday 26th January 2015.

Kirkgate  Centre,  39A  Kirkgate,  Shipley,  BD18  3EH.  19:00  –  21:00,  Room  1.  

Tea and Coffee will be provided.

The Agenda is as follows

1. Introductions

2. Apologies

3. Report  from  signage  and  interpretation  group  (city  centre  plaques  project)  – Ed

4. Pollution  monitoring  – Barney

        a. Report  on  meetings  with  EA,  CBMDC,  YW  – Barney

        b. Next  steps  – Including  report  from  EA  on  incidents    – Stuart

5. Report  from  invasives  group.   Francis  and  the  team

6. Report  of  restoration  group.   Barney,  Dave

7. Fruit  tree  planting  project,  Canal  Rd  Cycleway . Sarahjane  Naylor

8. Report  from  footpath  group –  Elizabeth?

9. Litter  picks  –  suggested  dates  21st  March  and  9th  May. Graham

10.  ‘Beckwalks’ . Eddie

11. A  video  or  Powerpoint  for  the  Big  Screen?   Graham

12. Any  other  business

13. Minutes  of  last  meeting.    Accuracy  and  matters  arising  not  already  dealt  with . Barney

14. Next  meeting  –  27th  April?   Barney